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    Ssbc sans mod

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    Supported Games. Float Dock Strip Slide. Left Right. Small Regular. Click Hover. Left Center Right. Fixed Floating. Minecraft - Warped Forest 9. The forest's fog and particles take a dark royal blue tone, yet the fog appears lilac with Night Vision.

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    That's it. My life is none of your business. Skin Pass : Asuka Skin pack 9. Silver The Hedgehog Sonic [0. Manager Pick. How can I fix the classic crusade mode error?. Your browser doesn't support HTML audio.

    Super Smash Bros. Crusade

    Hey, guys, girls and everyone in-between! I want to add a stage to Classic Mode so that Ristar won't Load More. Hit up the Discord server here or the Forumeiros here There's also some tutorials here and here.

    Subscribe Sign up to access this! Skins Categories. Athorment Joined 4y ago. MashMan Joined 1y ago. PM the Managers.

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    Website wide Rules Still apply to Crusade Modding. Add the mod's Franchise to the title for easy Search Function. If not linked to anything, use "Misc" State which Build of Crusade you modded example 0. Sharing the source files the contents of. This game has a 1-click mod installer for hassle free mod installation: Modboy. Originally created by Falcon8r, Phantom 7, and Dr. MarioX, Super Smash Bros. Crusade is a large project built from the ground up and started by three die-hard Smash Bros.

    Our goal is to create a Smash Bros.Not a member yet? Become one today and start sharing your creations! Sign up Receive these membership benefits:. Limit to:. Supported Games.


    Float Dock Strip Slide. Left Right. Small Regular. Click Hover. Left Center Right. Fixed Floating. SSBC 9. This is the long awaited update to the best crusade mod pack to date. Now includes "updated to Version 9. Manual Download. Patch 6 router drive. Add Comment Sign up to access this! URL to post:. Taydo Joined 3y ago. Granada Joined 9mo ago. Joined 11mo ago. Affiliation: The Fighters Generation.

    ssbc sans mod

    TheDerpySmiler Joined 10mo ago. IkaMusumeYiyaRoxie Joined 2y ago. J05HU4 Joined 1y ago. Megacrossoverboi Joined 10mo ago. Load More. Crusade Modding Community.Welcome to Super Undertale Bros. Play as your favorite Undertale characters as you take down everyone else in your conquest for victory! I regret to inform all of you that Super Undertale Bros has been canceled.

    Please read the article below. SUB Characters! You should make it so that the AU versions of characters are their alternate costumes. Game Soundtrack. This is a Super Smash Brothers fan-game. This is also an Undertale fan-game Compete to be the Undertale champion! AU's are going to be implemented as well There is a spaghetti final smash Gaster is playable Red is also playable There are dogs Almost everyone in the Undertale universe is playable basically.

    Possible multiplayer? Mettaton EX's legs are actually attacks Every character's final smash is unique Sans can dunk on everyone Probably the best character in this game is Sans Competitive! You can punch a child without anyone complaining Art! Development Stage.

    Published On. Cartoon Violence. Protegy Protegy. Leave a comment The new SUB dev team! To everyone wanting to become a developer SUB's Return. Load More.

    ssbc sans mod

    View All. What do you think? Undertale Multiplayer: Moderntale by -sight aka TeamModerntale followers.Cuphead is the main protagonist in the indie game Cuphead and a future playable character in Super Smash Bros Conquest. Super Smash: Invincibility Cuphead uses a super of which can make him invincible for a short time. Final Smash: Power Ghost Cuphead uses another super but this time it summons a beefy ghost version of him and starts to chase the player. UP: Cuphead takes out his list of contracts that he collected and then crumbles it and tosses it in the trash.

    The Devil comes over and then tells the two boys that if they lose, the devil takes their souls. And if they win, they can have all the loot in the casino. To nobodys surprise, they both lost. The boys beg the devil not to take their souls. The Devil then pulls out a parchment and tells the boys to collect runaway debtors before midnight or else the devil would take their souls. And if they collect all of them in time, the devil may spare them.

    So now Cuphead and Mugman are embarking on a dangerous journey to try and save themselves from eternal death. Cuphead is ranked 6 A on the tier list. I planned on the two of us being friends, but it seems like nobody can get along in this stupid fighting club shindig! Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :.The longer you charge it, the more hurt it brings.

    Any unlucky sap that get caught by him will be thrown, slamed on the ground, or chucked upwards. Up B: "Short-cut Sans dissapers for a second before teleporting to your disired location. Pretty much Zelda's recovery, only faster but with less range. Down B: Miss Sans will shrug. If anyone trys to hit him while he is shruging, he counters with a bone that comes out of the ground. Now, his attacks are 2x more powerfull, can jump very high, and his Down B has a bigger range.

    Final Smash: Bad time Sans will wink as blue waves will glow around him. Anyone who is in range of the blue will get burried in bone, which causes a lot of knockback. While at first glance he seems like no more but lazy, he is, in fact, the most powerfull monster in the Underground, dispite only having 1HP. In SSBC, he is very fast and his attacks can hit multipull times. However, he cannot take hits well, and is very floaty.

    He is rank 11 B on the tier list. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Sans brings the puns! Contents [ show ].

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    Categories :.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Source Filmmaker Store Page.

    It is only visible to you. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact Steam Support. This item is incompatible with Source Filmmaker.

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    Please see the instructions page for reasons why this item might not work within Source Filmmaker. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator.

    This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. Description Discussions 0 Comments 6. Description Discussions Comments. Add to Collection. This item has been added to your Favorites. A collection of items created by. Pte Jack. BaG 2. Apoc Hedgie. Spookster T. JTeghius Kittius.

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    Critical Hit! Ryuko the Hedgehog. Spooky Deika. Lookin Cool. Dransvitry De' Medici. Loona65 Bday today. RPG Shoulder Devil. Some character models are not accounted for, as they are not yet on the workshop, or could not be found.Sans is a newcomer character that appears in Super Smash Bros.

    He can be accessed via modding.

    Sans (SSBC)

    He first appears in the v. He first appears in the forest after the protagonist exits the Ruins. The player can only battle Sans in a Genocide run, in which the player aims to defeat every single monster that can be battled in the game. Sans has stats of 1 ATK and 1 DEF, making him deal the least damage and take the most damage of any monster in the game. Despite this, Sans' boss fight is considered by most players of UNDERTALE to be the most difficult battle in the entire game, as he dodges every one of the player's attacks during the battle, while all his attacks deal 1 damage every single frame.

    Sans is a glass cannon taken to the extreme. He has many tools and abilities that should in theory make him impossible to beat, including a Jab that buries opponents, a Yoshi-like double jump, air float, wall jump and teleporting Up Special for recovery, a tether grab with virtually no inactive frames, and incredibly powerful multi-hit attacks that quickly rack up damage just like in UNDERTALE.

    However, like any glass cannon this power comes at a heavy cost.

    ssbc sans mod

    He also moves incredibly slow for a glass cannon, and has to use alternative movement options to move quickly around the stage. Sans' bone-based attacks, which are among Sans' most damaging attacks, can also be blocked by a shield.

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    Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Sans the skeleton. Sans points his front hand outward, knocking opponents forward with an invisible force.

    Super Smash Bros. Crusade: Shantae Trailer

    Sans then swings his hand up, which hits opponents from farther away. Lastly, Sans slams his hand down, spiking airborne foes and burying grounded foes. While this move deals low damage, it is a great tool for leading into a Forward Smash or Grab, or at the ledge.

    Sends a wave of bones down the stage, which stun foes and deal variable multi-hit damage.


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